Reviews of our services

Reviews of our services

Outstanding service by Le Temp Care cannot fault their passion and support, quite amazed by the standards of care! From looking after our mother to having her shopping delivered to taking her to the beach, quality of her life improved dramatically.

Very pleased with Le Temp Care, used them many times to help the family out and give us all the breaks we need, they are always on hand to help when required, costings are also spot on, very competitive. Happily recommended.

Excellent service provided by a company that actually cares, lovely family feel when you need help rather than a hurried approach we had received from previous companies. We will use only the services of Le Temp Care.

 I was happy with the care given by Le Temp Care workers for my relative.  The workers were very committed, took great and gentle care of my relative.  I felt that they were entirely reliable, and I would feel confident to employ them again.  

My mother suffers from Alzheimer's and needs a carer to live in. At very short notice Le Temp Care found a very qualified lady to move in and we are all happy with the outcome.

In a very short period of time Le Temp Care has made such a difference to my elderly aunt's life. She is taken out twice a week for a coffee and companionship. Her loneliness has reduced and she looks forward to the support she is being given, by compassionate and caring staff.

Le Temp Care have helped with companionship of an elderly lady in Swansea. Brenda was stuck indoors all week and needed to get out and about but did not know who to ask but then spoke to Le Temp Care . Le Temp Care sent two companions per week to take her out for coffee and cake, and her life and enjoyment levels have improved hugely. Thanks Le Temp Care for putting a smile back on Brenda's face.

Stephen Boskey is a reliable collaborator, available all the time with good advice and help. I am very content about our professional collaboration which started in 2014 and continues.

Right from the first phone call I was put at ease, I wanted my mother to stay at home to be cared for not put into a home and I can now relax knowing that she is having fantastic care and she is happy to be in her own home, highly recommend.

I am extremely grateful we decided to work with you because of your flexibility, responsiveness, and can do attitude.

It is enormously helpful to work with an organisation you can trust and that is trying to help rather than one that seems determined to protect its existing revenue and avoid risk.

We have been very impressed by both your organisation and your staff. You chose carers with the right skills for my parents needs. It was remarkable to see the improvement in my parents care and the cleanliness of their flat once you had taken on responsibility.

As my mother's condition deteriorated, I was impressed by the effectiveness of communication and your responsiveness in addressing the new challenges.

I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending you to other people who have elderly and frail relatives with complex care needs.

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful carers that looked after our father. Thank you so much for all your support, you made it possible for our father to stay in his own home far longer than anyone imagined was possible.

I visited Mum yesterday. She is definitely better for a week at home. She is eating well and looking better. Her carer is doing a great job. So we are where we need to be at this point, so thank you for setting this up.

I would just like to say how great it is to be dealing with an agency who appreciates our situation. The stress levels have dropped off the scale since you took over.

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful carers that looked after our father.