Upload Your Video
and Get Hired

Simply click the record button below to record your Carer profile video using your webcam or mobile phone. Alternatively you can upload a pre-recorded video.

Having a video will increase your opportunities for work.

Just Smile, Point the Camera and be Yourself!

How To Record A Great Video

What we always say is firstly, not to overthink it. Better to just jump on and be yourself.

Our questions to follow when recording…

  • Describe your personality
  • Why do you enjoy care work?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Talk about your last position the challenges and duties you performed
  • If a friend was to describe you what would they say?
  • When are you able to start working?
  • Why should you be employed give examples of why out clients should hire you?
  • Finally take to us about interests in life and hobbies
  • Explain why you became a Carer and some of the things you enjoy doing, as this video will be sent to potential clients
  • Smile you are on Camera!